Big brush for teeth, or small brush?

Big brush for teeth, or small brush?

As a rule, brush your teeth, brush your gums Even after doing these things, there are problems with teeth. So it is not enough to do the work for the health of the teeth, it has to be done properly

Large brush or small brush

You don’t just have to brush your teeth, you have to follow the right rules, you have to do it properly Brush your teeth up and down for two to three minutes. Many people think that they have to use a big brush when they grow up, but that is not the case. Whether the brush is reaching the last border of the gums. And even if it is a baby tooth brush, there is no problem. However, before buying a brush, make sure that the upper part of the brush is soft. If it is hard, there is a risk of damage to the skin of the face. The toothbrush must be replaced every three months.

Why scaling is important

It is best to see a doctor at least once a year to ensure regular dental care. Scaling should be done within six to one year to clean the dirt that has accumulated in the teeth for a long time. The stone layer on the teeth should not be allowed to accumulate. This will cause blood to come out through the base of the teeth. There will be bad breath, After brushing your teeth at night, you must use mouthwash. Nothing but water can be eaten after using mouthwash. It is not right to drink water in half an hour.

Domestic toothpaste

Dental care can also be done with the materials in our house. Brushing teeth by adding clove paste to toothpaste strengthens the base of the teeth, To reduce toothache, it is better to soak the leaves and salt in hot water for a while. However, cloves can be the main domestic toothpick. If even once a day, even if the clove is applied to the teeth, you will see that most of the silent diseases that have accumulated on the face are gone. You can brush with salt mixed with lemon juice to remove yellowing of teeth. Faded teeth will become whiter. Orange peel can be an easy solution to get rid of bad breath. Chewing orange peel every morning or at any time of the day is also good for gums.